Product Overview

Diagnose malfunctions with a wider variety of components as you work with a two different control circuit simulations. In this program you learn new techniques and tips to diagnose malfunctions in electro-mechanical control circuit simulations containing relays, transformers, switches, and solenoids and more.

  • Hands-on learning and practice focusing on control circuit specific troubleshooting strategies
  • Learn valuable tips for finding malfunctions caused by multiple component failures
  • Perfect your control circuit troubleshooting process with continual practice in a safe environment
  • Learn how typical components function in control circuits
  • Use diagrams to determine the function and operation of control circuits and how to locate components and connections
  • Detailed feedback on your troubleshooting process and comprehensive evaluation of your troubleshooting skills

Troubleshooting Control Circuits Video

About the Simulations

Two unique control circuit simulations are included.

The practice circuit simulation consists of a transformer, a fuse, several relays, switches, and lights.

The electric door lock circuit is a more complex simulation containing additional components including push buttons, solenoids, and proximity switch, that puts you in a realistic environment where you will refine and test your control circuit troubleshooting skills. Here you can

  • Input combinations to unlock the door
  • Take voltage and resistance readings with a multimeter
  • Repair and replace electrical components
  • Disconnect and ring out wires
  • Trace and replace wires

This simulation contains over 50 circuit malfunctions to solve with faults ranging from

  • broken wires and loose connections
  • wires shorted to ground
  • defective components

Who should use this program

This program is part of the Core Skills series which is the foundation for anyone required to troubleshoot electrical equipment.

To get the most out of this program, users should have a basic knowledge of electrical theory and should have completed the Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits program.

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Improve your job prospects. Safely build new skills that industry demands with our award-winning simulation environment.