Safe Experience is the Best Teacher

The Troubleshooting Skills Training System teaches the most effective approach to problem solving. For instructing all levels of electrical maintenance pros, this award winning simulation software by Simutech Multimedia is relied on by industry, schools and individual trades professionals.

For The Workplace

Provide your staff with the skills to troubleshoot problems quickly, accurately and safely.

For The Classroom

Safely teach the high risk skill of electrical troubleshooting required by today’s employers.

For Trades Professionals

Enhance your skills by learning specialized problem solving techniques you can use on the job.

Because Troubleshooting Requires More Than Just Knowing How It Works

Grounded on a proven five-step systematic approach to troubleshooting, Simutech’s problem-solving process can be applied to any electrical system

  • The Process

Embedded in all the programs is Simutech’s Systematic Troubleshooting Approach including circuit analysis and testing techniques.
  • Simulations

Simulations look and respond just like real equipment and offer a variety of tools to help diagnose malfunctions.
  • Applications

Step-by-step guides help users apply new problem solving techniques to solve many faults.
  • Practice

Dozens of scenarios and hundreds of faults provide the safe, hands-on practice that is critical for developing the skills that industry demand.
  • Real-Time Response

Simulations monitor every step and deliver real-time feedback on safe practices and testing methods.
  • Evaluations

Evaluate safety, efficiency and accuracy of individuals while tracking time and money spent resolving dozens of faults.

A Complete Training System

Covers both Core and Advanced troubleshooting skills

Practical Training

Simutech Course Manager

  • Out of the box, ready to use
  • 6 Troubleshooting simulations:
  1. Electrical Circuits
  2. Control Circuits
  3. Motor Circuits
  4. PLC Circuits
  5. Industrial Controls 1
  6. Industrial Controls 2
  • Easily manage participants with comprehensive User Management
  • Evaluate specific skills by creating customized tests
  • Track participant progress with individual and group evaluations
  • Assess results and identify areas for improvement through detailed reports


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Introducing Transit

Simutech`s Troubleshooting Skills Training System is now downloadable over the Internet with Cloud storage for your data.

  • Enhanced Portability
    Download your training programs to multiple PCs from the Internet to avoid being tied to one computer

  • Improved Convenience
    Your progress data is stored on the Cloud for instructor evaluation
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  • Instruction Improvements
    Instructors can remotely manage and administer groups, access results from the Cloud and issue custom tests
  • Flexibility
    Buy for the term that suits your training needs


Appreciating Better Learning Through Simulations

From the shop floor to the classroom and onto the home computers of trades professionals, the Troubleshooting Skills Training System meets a growing demand for real, hands-on problem solving.

“Your program has given my employees a much better understanding of what it takes to troubleshoot a problem and has reduced downtime as a result. This program has been worth its weight in gold.”
Sam A, Plant Manager, Domtar
“Your products have certainly played a part in our success. I have had many graduates stop by and talk about how their learned troubleshooting skills have helped them get hired or get promoted.”
Jim R, Electrical Program Director, Vatterott College
“When my students are troubleshooting my electrically live motor control trainers I have to be on my toes so they don’t kill themselves. With TSTS I don’t have to worry if they get zapped and I can have over a dozen of them troubleshooting at the same time.”
Thomas B. M., Professor, Honolulu Community College

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